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Elevate Cleaning, Beauty, and Kitchen with SharkNinja

  • Vacuums

    Explore the realm of Shark® cordless vacuums, where you'll find lighter, longer-running, more maneuverable, and more powerful cleaning solutions. Discover a new standard of cleanliness.

  • Hair Care

    Our innovative hair stylers effortlessly transition between a potent dryer and a versatile styling wand with a simple twist. Achieve your desired style while preserving your hair from heat damage.

  • Kitchen Appliances

    Discover a world of kitchen innovation designed to delight your entire family. Our diverse range of products holds something extraordinary in store for you. Explore the possibilities today.

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As the No. 1 vacuum cleaner brand in the United States, we've honed our craft by crafting world-class products that actively support people in homes around the globe. Our mission? Simple. We're all about delivering innovation, affordability, and products that genuinely cater to your needs.